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Charm bracelet the transformation

(CROSSTALK)COOPER: Right. He's a Google executive who was just released after being held for more than two weeks.ABDALLA: Exactly. He was on he was on television on a very important program, and, you know, he had been imprisoned for 12 days, blindfolded and came out to find basically that the whole country had changed and about 300 people had died and he didn't know anything about it.And he was on -- he went on TV. And, you know, he had been a very important figure in terms of Tiffany Charm bracelethappening. And on TV, he very understandably broke down and had to leave and had to leave the program. That had a huge effect on everyone in the country.

COOPER: Finally, when Vice President Suleiman goes on Egyptian television or talks to Egypt and says, as he has just in the last 24 hours, well, they're going to start constitutional reforms,Tiffany Notes tag braceletgoing to set up committees to look into constitutional reforms, is that enough; is that real?ABDALLA: No, it's not real at all. It's all talk. No, everyone knows that -- everyone really knows that the regime has completely lost any -- you know, it has no real basis to exist anymore. They are not the people who should beCharm bracelet the transformation of this country. And they have made that very clear over the last 30 years and they have made that doubly clear over the last few weeks. And no one is being hoodwinked anymore. And that's very good.

COOPER: Khalid Abdalla, stay safe.ABDALLA: I will. Thank you(END VIDEOTAPE)COOPER: Should point out Khalid was in the square right before he talked to us, and right after he talked to us went back to the square and is spending the night there tonight.Talk about -- you heard Khalid talk about how people were moved to come to Liberation Square today by Elsa Peretti on saleGhonim's television interview. I just want to play you a small portion of it just for background. He has been held since the 28th of January. He was freed yesterday. He's the administrator of the Facebook page that is credited with sparking the first protest on the 25th. Here's what he said on Egypt's Dream TV.


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Elsa Peretti Sevillana braceletone by one

There is democracy inside that square, as protesters check I.D.s, as protesters pat down people who get into the square, as protesters themselves keep order and allow free expression.The chaos, the instability is all on the government's side outside of the square.ABDALLA: Absolutely.Never in my life have I seen people so happy to go through a Elsa Peretti Sevillana Mesh braceletcheck. I mean, Midan Tahrir right now is the closest certainly I have ever experienced to a utopia. It's functional. It's working. It's a space that's free. It's a space in which you can express your opinions. It's a space in which you feel safe. It's a space in which you feel you're exercising your -- you're exercising your rights as an individual and as a citizen.

COOPER: We had a professor on, Professor Fouad Ajami from Johns Hopkins last night, who was saying this may be the most dangerous time for you, for the protesters in Liberation Square, Toggle bracelet as the world's attention turns away, as reporters' attention turns away to other stories, and as Egyptians perhaps turn away, as people leave the square, you can be picked Elsa Peretti Sevillana braceletone by one. If the apparatus of the state, if the emergency powers continue, if the secret police are still out there, which they are, that basically you can be divided and picked off.Do you worry about that?

ABDALLA: There was -- to an extent, there was that kind of worry a little bit yesterday. But today I don't feel that at all. Again, I don't think...COOPER: You feel the turnout today has been yet another turning point?ABDALLA: I think it has been a turning point.I think it's a turning point. It was a huge number of people. I can't judge the number of people accurately, but I can judge it by how difficult it is to walk around the square. It took hours to get around anywhere in the square. And, as I said, something Paloma Picasso Loving Heart bracelet important, and you know, this was partially as well in relation to something that happened yesterday, very importantly, a guy called Wael Ghonim, who set up the page called "We Are All Khaled Said."


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Tiffany 1837 Toggle bracelethe continues to


KHALID ABDALLA, ACTOR/ACTIVIST: It makes me pretty angry, especially coming out of the mouths -- out of the mouth of someone who has been part of a regime that has completely prescribed, pretty much anyway, the possibility of true political participation both from the people and other parties.They are the reason that democracy is difficult to <Bead bracelethere. And I think the Egyptian people have shown very clearly that they are far more capable than the vice president of judging whether or not they are ready for democracy or not.COOPER: And yet, for 30 years, this regime, the Mubarak regime,

has ruled under emergency powers that allow them and continue on this day to rule under emergency powers that allow them to arrest anybodythey want at anytime, anywhere, and basically do Tiffany Cushion Two-row bracelet they want with them.ABDALLA: It's further evidence of the duplicity of -- it's the duplicity of this regime.As far as I'm aware, I think he also came on TV, on ABC, and said that, you know, it was the Muslim Brotherhood that was behind this whole thing, which is another kind of scare-mongering tactic. It's an age-old tactic used by authoritarian regimes. In order to suppress the people, they just use fear. It's really quite simple.COOPER: Well, in terms of the lies also Tiffany 1837 Toggle bracelethe continues to say, he's now come forward and said that Mubarak has said we should praise the youth in Egypt who have been protesting, that they are helping us move us in the right direction.

And yet, on state television, they continue to portray the protesters not just as members of the Muslim Brotherhood, but as jihadists basically who are at the beck and call of foreign powers and are being paid Frank Gehry Fish toggle bracelet money and food by foreign powers to stay in Liberation Square.ABDALLA: One of the great things that's happening -- you know, and I kind of talked about this a little bit yesterday. But as time goes on, all of the lies that they set up, whether over the last 30 years or whether over the last couple of weeks, are slowly coming out.COOPER: Khalid, the Mubarak regime talks about the need for stability and that there is chaos. From all that I saw on the ground there and all that I continue to see via the images is, there is stability inside that square.


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Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet to Human

OMAR SULEIMAN, Egyptian Vice President (through translator): The president stressed that the Egyptian youth deserves the appreciation of the nation and issued orders not to prosecute them, harass them or deprive them of their right to freedom of expression.(END VIDEO CLIP)COOPER: Not to pursue, harass or deprive them of their right to Tiffany Cushion Toggle braceletof expression. According to late word from Human Rights Watch, Egyptian army officers and military police have arbitrarily detained at least 119 people since the 20th of January.At least 20 were picked up heading to or leaving Liberation Square.

Those who have released say they were held incommunicado, not allowed access to a lawyer, not even let their families they were in custody. They were held blindfolded. Five say they Flower charm bracelet tortured, beaten with clubs, rifle butts, threatened with electricity or being violated with bottles.Now, remember, this is from a government promising not to pursue, harass or deprive protesters of their right to freedom of expression. It's also a government that has promised not to arrested journalists reporting the story. Well, Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet to Human Rights Watch, they detained 26 in the last week alone.A bit later, you are going to hear from one of them who was picked up within just the last 24 hours and you will hear from the Google executive who was detained for more than a week.

His emotional words after his appearance reenergized Liberation Square today and seemed to really breathe new life into the pro-democracy movement.So far, Vice President Suleiman's only answer to that is Return to Tiffany Heart tag bracelet veiled threat of police action. And there's something else he recently said, that Egypt is not ready for democracy.I spoke about that earlier tonight with actor and pro-democracy activist Khalid Abdalla.(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)COOPER: Khalid, the vice president now of Egypt is saying that Egyptians aren't ready for democracy. When you hear that, what do you think?


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tlas toggle bracelet a government.


Also in that statement, he blames the protesters and reporters, satellite news stations, saying we're insulting Egypt, belittling it. For many days now, he's blamed foreigners and reporters for being behind the protests. Now he says we and the protesters are insulting Egypt, belittling it, hoping to play into people's sense of national pride.These Elsa Peretti Teardrop bracelet are not insulting Egypt, belittling it. The Mubarak regime has done that for 30 years. They have insulted people by lying to them. They have insulted their people by arresting them, by torturing them, by not allowing them to express themselves.That is insulting Egypt. That is belittling Egypt.Take a look at these pictures from Liberation Square today, young and old.

Muslim and Christian, men and women from all walks of life standing shoulder to shoulder, crying out for freedom, celebrating the freedom that they can now only experience in that one square in Cairo. Atlas charm bracelet is Egypt at its best.Do you honestly believe these people, who simply want what we all have, does the vice president really believe that they are insulting Egypt, belittling it? Those are the words of a man who believes his regime is Egypt. And it is not. That is the message of these protesters. Egypt is Atlas toggle bracelet a government. It is not a dictator. It is not a regime.It is a proud country and a proud people, and millions of them are calling for change, even though the vice president says that the Egyptians aren't ready for democracy.

They're certainly ready -- certainly not ready for transparency or openness or an honest picture of what's been going on. That's what the regime believes.The Egyptian government continues to claim that only 11 people have been killed in the uprising so far, 11 people. According to Human Rights Watch, the estimate is 297, and they got that by canvassing Charm bracelet in hospitals in Suez, in Cairo and in Alexandria.The government hasn't done that. They have also got new numbers on arrests and detentions, but, before we give them to you, I just want you to hear what Vice President Suleiman said recently, stating what he said came straight from President Mubarak.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)


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Elsa Peretti Open center cuff was beheaded

"Both al-Shabaab and the peacekeepers are conducting attacks with little regard for the safety of the civilian population," Peligal said. "Those responsible for indiscriminate shelling should be prosecuted for war crimes."Failure to Warn CiviliansThe laws of war require warring parties to take constant care to spare the civilian population, and give effective, advance warning of Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet that may affect the civilian population, unless circumstances do not permit. Neither side in Mogadishu has provided sufficient warnings to civilians in areas affected by planned offensives, Human Rights Watch said.Witnesses in areas under government control said that neither the transitional government nor the peacekeepers have ever distributed information to civilians about imminent fighting and the necessity to leave.

Human Rights Watch received conflicting reports about al-Shabaab's conduct. In some cases, people told Human Rights Watch that al-Shabaab disseminated flyers and made some limited public announcement using megaphones to tell civilians to leave certain areas. But in other cases, residents said al-Shabaab fighters stopped them from leaving areas where heavy Elsa Peretti Double Open Heart bangle was taking place.Targeted Killings in Areas Under al-Shabaab ControlWitnesses and family members of victims described targeted killings by alleged al-Shabaab members in areas under the control of transitional government employees and their relatives, or people suspected to have connections with the government.A 25-year-old mother of two from Tiffany Somerset Bangle told Human Rights Watch that her father and two brothers were killed by al-Shabaab:

Anybody related to the TFG, even indirectly, is targeted with all of his family. My father was a police officer. When [al-Shabaab] took over the area, they were asking people in the neighborhood who was a TFG member. And the neighbors spied on us. They came masked; you couldn't even know who was shooting. My father was coming back to the house for dinner; they shot him in the chest. He was in his police uniform. One of my brothers ran toward him, and they shot him dead. Another brother was killed later, after two months. Elsa Peretti Open center cuff was beheaded. After his killing, we all ran away.Under the laws of war, police normally have the status of civilians. However, police units that take part in military operations or otherwise engage in military functions may be targeted as combatants. Individual police officers may only be targeted when they are taking a direct part in the hostilities. Everyone in custody must be treated humanely.


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